Better Location, Better Quality, Better Prices, Better Styles

At Sherry’s Wig Salon, we offer only the highest-quality products as well as superior customer service to match. All at very competitive prices, and no consultation fees!

Our goal is to make you more comfortable about your hair. We want you to feel beautiful and have a great experience through your transitional time. We are here to help you with your new look. Not only through this process but for as long as you need us.


Thin hair, fine hair and bad hair don’t have to be a problem. Our products are Doctor Recommended and we have a beautiful color palette for you to choose from…Blonde, Brown, Red, Black, Silver and so many more…

We have cultivated a reputation for prompt and friendly service. Ensuring that you have a beautiful experience and that all your wig and hairpiece needs are satisfied is our top priority.

Call 281-537-9447 to schedule a Free Consultation.

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